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The sad news came to us from the sex shops. As they say prostitutes in Moscow in the near future should not expect a rise in price of rubber phalluses and women. Of course, it hurts hits the clients of such places, who prefer to buy products for adults. Fears of rising prices for commodities sex due to the fact that most of them are imported from Europe. Jumps currencies against the ruble led ultimately to the devices and accessories for sex rose. Of course, sanctions will not spread to the intimate sphere, but exchange rates greatly spoiled the situation in this business. It is worth remembering that it was manufactured in Germany are the best to date lubricant for sex. A rubber women come to us from the United States. Payments to suppliers being always in the currency. China does not help assure sellers. Because they are, though replaced most of the range, still sell all the goods in dollars. Our manufacturer, if anything at all, and supplies, in miniscule amounts. Because the price of sex products will still grow. As much as we all did not want it.