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7 ways to be more sexy

7 ways to make themselves more sexy Do not think that the level of sexuality it is something stable and can not be changed. All you have to do is just to add a few new elements. It often happens that the partner pays too little time to excite the girl. In such cases, the partner feels somewhat awkward. Just a hint to his "Tiger" that you need a little more passion and pressure. Although effective tools may be in your arsenal. We offer you the following: 1. Hairstyle For sexual image ideal is slightly disheveled hair. They fit perfectly in the image of an innocent angel, and in the face of an experienced seductress. If you want to feel the power of men, high braid braid. 2. NO hungry stomach! Before sex good to eat. And this applies to both women and men. Although in this case the measure is necessary. If you are eating too dense, then you may lose any excitement. For the Emancipation can drink a little wine. 3. pleasant smell Another important point concerns the choice of perfume. Forget the cold shades. Before sex is best to use warm oriental motifs. 4. solarium or SUN What can make the skin radiant and more beautiful? Of course, even tan. you'll look like a sultry southern beauty. Man is sure to enjoy. 5. INTIMATE EXERCISES Intimate exercises are never redundant. Do not worry, they are not time-consuming. Paying charging only five minutes, you can count on a terrific sex. 6. Body Cream Dreaming look at bedding comfort like a fairy? Well, well, this issue is resolved quickly. Feel free to use the shimmering shadow or powder with light reflecting particles.